Episode 13 Dialogue Guide


You just don’t look so well. Did something happen? I’m here if you want to talk about it.

A: That’s nice of you, but everything’s ok.


I thought he would be in the classroom playing his game, but nope…

B: He plays those games a little too much, don’t you think?



Ha ha …You still haven’t figured it out? I know that I’ve changed quite a bit, but still! You don’t remember me? A timid boy, who came to this school just to be with you…

A: Let me think about it…


Don’t be upset, I had to move on…And getting back at Amber was part of that plan! But I won’t forget your kindness and the times we spent together! It was nice! We should do it again sometime!

A: Whenever you want!



What kind of sorcery is this?

A: Military school Armin, military school…


Basically, he leveled up. Like in Pokemon!

B: Ha ha, I never thought about it like that!


I was going to go home…Do you really need my help?

B: No, not really but we’ll be a lot faster if you’re there!



Oh, I’d never thought about it like that…

C: So you’re in then? You’ll do it?


From what I hear, you managed to convince Castiel?!

C: I still don’t know how it happened!



Talking to him can save your l’o’m

I have the right to be in a bad mood!

B: I already said I was sorry


Because you tried to spy on a boy getting undressed in the locker room! Is that not a good enough reason?

B: Still! I’ve always helped you out! To be mad at me for something so small isn’t fair!


[Doesn’t say anything]

C: Any spare change please?


It’s better to do things as soon as possible. Doing things at the last minute is never good!

A: For once, stop thinking about your studies and come help us!


That’s done! Do you feel better now that something has been put in its place?

C: I almost feel like I’ve done a good deed!


**Note: Talking to him at the beginning of the episode can save your affinity.



Do I look like someone who wants to do a favor for the school?

A: No, it was silly of me to ask…


You left like a thief earlier, I didn’t have time to give you what I had put aside

B: I hope you can give a lot because otherwise we aren’t going to manage…


And what do I get out of this?

A: The pleasure of doing something nice?


Who says I’m joking?

A: I know you are…


**Note: Iris is the choice that will definitely convince him to play in the concert.



What do we do now?

A: We should wait for the boys, don’t you think?


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