Castiel Dialogue: Episode 5

And this concerns me how?

A: You’re not happy? Since you can’t stand Nathaniel.

B: Really? You’re not at all involved in this?

C: Don’t you think we should try to help him after all?



A: Ok, I won’t push it…

B: Would you tell me if you knew something?

C: I’m sure you know where it is!


Of course…

A: I’m not joking, be cool for once.

B: You’ve got nothing to do with all of this, right?

C: Do you have any idea who could have done this?


[Doesn’t say anything]

A: Come on, tell me the truth, I’ll get it all settled and won’t say anything. Promise!

B: Did you know that it was the upcoming exams that were stolen?


Really? We don’t have to worry about it for a while then.

A: Do you have good grades?

B: You seemed thrilled, huh…

C: You’ve got nothing to tell me?


Well…Not all that much but I’m not a lost case either. Why?

A: For no reason.

B: To see if you had a motive to steal those exams of course!

C: Do you know any students who are having problems with their grades?


I don’t know, half the school. Are you going to harass them too?

A: (Insist)

B: (Don’t insist)


Here it is. Now stop hinting at accusations, ok? Good girl.

A: Thanks, I believe you now, sorry.

B: I knew it was you who had it!


Cool, and I couldn’t care less.

A: You knew already?

B: Well…if ever there’s a sale on kindness, could you please go and buy some?

C: I thought you’d like to know. 

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